Printing on USBs is what we are all about. There are a few different options available but most of the time the right one to use comes down to your artwork and the surface of the USB that has been chosen.

Full-Colour UV - If you have full-colour graphics or even a photo, this is the perfect method to use. Fantastic results can be achieved allowing for crisp permanent markings on almost any surface.

Screen Printing - The most effective way to print onto drives with flat colours and line art. Pick up to 3 spot colours and have them transferred onto the drive. This method is best for text and logos. Artwork should be supplied as vectors files for best results.

Laser Engraving - Great for both text and line art, a monotone image can be engraved onto any of the drives from our metal or wood range and some of the plastic drives.

48hr turnaround / Rush Service

Tight deadline? No problem. We have selected a few popular styles that can printed and ready for you in no time. We are constantly adding new styles and colours to this range to to make sure that we have the right solution for your next urgent project. No matter when you need them contact us, we're always keen to help.

Artwotk set up / graphic design

Did you know if you just have a logo you want on your USB we will set it up for free? Just place an order and send it through, we will lay it up and send you back a proof for approval quick smart!

Need something a little more? Struggling to get your design finished? Don’t quite know how to set up your artwork so its print ready? Got everything on scraps of paper and don’t know where to start? We get it. No matter where you are with your design we’re here to help. We don’t mind if you come in and sit in our studio to work out your design or if you want to work via correspondence, either way, we’re super flexible and will give you the best advice to get the most out of your project!

Data Loading

USBs are the best and fastest way of sharing data with your clients, students or friends. We can help you share whatever you need, with quick and easy uploading no matter the size. We have a few different services depending on how you want your data and USB to be treated -

Straight Copy - We take your data and put it on your drive, nice and simple.

Data Lock - We create a partition on your drive with your data that can't be removed. The rest of the USB is free to be USB as a normal USB, with data able to be added or removed.*

Full Lock - Data is added to the USB that can't be removed. No space is left on the drive for anything else - so nothing can be added. Great option if you want your USBs to have a single use.*

Data lock and Full Lock only available on standard turnaround USBs.

Drive Labeling

If you get us to put data on your USB we can label it too! - This means when the USB is put into a computer you can have a word up to 11 characters long appear as the drive name. Make sure to let us know what you want your USB to be called when you place your order and we will take care of the rest.


We know that it's not always just about the USBs. That's why we have a range of accessories and packaging that is exclusive to iusb. Keyring, lanyards, blister packs, if its related to USBs we have it. Want to know more about the packaging options we have? Click the Packaging links above or below to find out more about the range.

Pantone Matching

For certain models we are able to produce the body to any colour that you want. It means logos and artwork can match up perfectly to the USBs being produced.